Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded NMR004

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Chicago's Knuckle Puck has built a name for itself through their trademark brand of pop-punk that teeters on the fringes of explosive honesty and instrumental muscle. Near Mint is pleased to reissue their latest EP -- the last under Bad Timing Records -- on limited cassette tape with a double-sided imprint and 4-panel J-card.

The reissue doesn't include a digital download, but you can stream the EP in the bottom left and the rest of Knuckle Puck's catalog at

Pressing Information

25 Grey w/ Denim Blue Ink
25 Silver w/ Metallic Gold Ink
50 Grey/Blue Tint w/ White Ink
50 Black w/ White Ink
25 Gold w/ Metallic Silver Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive)
75 Red Tint w/ White Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive)

33 Clear w/ Red Foil Liner w/ White Ink
54 Purple Tint w/ White Ink
63 Green Tint w/ White Ink
78 Dark Blue w/ White Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive)