Fear Mint Vol. 2 - Anthony Jay Sanders / Cameron Boucher NMR013

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Darkness can be a trope if discovered too weakly, if harnessed too unevenly. For Anthony Jay Sanders, there’s a sense of caution that pervades both his tenure funneling the theatrical, emotional drippings of the Island of Misfit Toys and his solo work. The latter distinction – moonlit by internal memory play and backlogged existentialism – unfolds here as Sanders’ “own floorboards…springing upwards” an unknown, personal evil through the poisoned honey filtered through “The Wild Things.” This sense of interior dread becomes a larger fear when wondering about the eponymous “Man in My House.” This intrusion turns Sanders away from his “migratory purpose” into a shivering, shriveled portrait: one boosted by warbled, fragile guitar trickles and Clare Teeling’s punctured, affective vocals.

For Cameron Boucher, this isolation comes necessary in the songwriting process for his native Old Gray and Sorority Noise projects. Yet, there’s light in this solitude, cutting through his darkness, a void his voice whispers through, with conviction on “I’ll Be Breathing” and resigned homage during a cover of Nico’s 1967 cut “These Days.” Whereas Boucher vies for the vintage and Sanders for the jugular, these two approaches to confronting one’s demons are both refreshing and necessary in a musical climate grappling with its own issues.

Artwork and Layout by Corey Purvis


  1. The Wild Things
  2. Man in My House (ft. Clare Teeling & Johnny Fabrizio)
  3. I'll Be Breathing
  4. These Days (Nico Cover)
Pressing Information

31 Smoky Tint w/ Orange Ink
17 Clear w/ Orange Ink
15 Royal Blue w/ Orange Ink