Dingus. - I Was Never A Boy Scout NMR015

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Chicago four-piece Dingus. may be far from the beach, so it makes sense that their brand of surf-kissed pop-punk foams forth like a concrete wave. That asphalt then gets channeled through scathing looks into the fringe benefits of suburban living. The end result is wildly familiar but also wholly crisp and fresh, with guitars barreling through with the confident ring of summer as the lyrics over them spell adolescent doom. It's a duality that this corner of rock knows well. It's just not always drenched in the same mood swings and penchant for beach-ready tones.

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  1. Ha Ha Then What... ;)
  2. Loser
  3. Jack Campbell (Quick Jammer)
  4. Trash
  5. Puke
  6. Puke, Part Two.
Pressing Information

7 Dark Blue w/ White Ink
12 Clear w/ Grape Ink
17 Purple Tint w/ White Ink
28 White w/ Grape Ink