Nonnsha - Are You Ever Coming Back? NMR043


Music recorded from a bedroom floor in Victorville, California. Lo-fi, stripped down, tear-driven, honest and humble and dying. Just kidding, well kinda. We're all dying right, like even if we look healthy we're gonna die eventually kinda way? Nonnsha is Shannon Simbulan. A girl, a woman. She writes, performs, and records all her music. She loves her dog Laika very very much. Her music is very intimate, exposing, and sincere. It is a way of flipping through her very vague journal with no names included. You're sure to hear some acoustic guitar from an orange Ibanez guitar her dad got her for Valentine's Day when she was 12, Rugrat theme music sounding keys from a cheap keyboard from Radioshack that she "borrowed" from her brother but hasn't returned in over a decade, and maybe some electric guitar exploration on her dream light blue Fender Telecaster guitar that she hopes to be able to shred on some day. She wants that guitar moment that Marty McFly had in Back to the Future when he had the stage all to himself. One day. Most of all, she hopes that all this vulnerability and uncomfortableness of sharing her feelings can help people get through their own days. We're all trying to get somewhere.

Each order includes:
- Double sided 3-panel, heavy weight j-cards
- Poly shrink wrapping
- Digital download


  1. can i go home
  2. when does it count
  3. mellow yellow
  4. not what i thought
  5. there's nothing that i can do
  6. walking in reverse
  7. i need a friend
  8. are you ever coming back
  9. i want a house
  10. why'd you have to go
Pressing Information

White w/ Lilac Ink /19
Clear w/ Lilac Ink /32