flatsound - old soil (spoken word pieces from 2012-2013) NMR042


We're bringing flatsound's spoken word release "Old Soil" to cassette for the first time since it's official 2018 release, although the songs were initially recorded in 2012-2013. The collection of songs are cohesive with the aesthetic flatsound has created, while allowing Mitch's poetry & writing skills to be at the forefront.

Each order includes:
- Double sided 3-panel, heavy weight j-cards
- Poly shrink wrapping
- Digital download


  1. we'll repeat 'i love you' until the mirror breaks
  2. a morning spent thinking of a life without you
  3. a small list of things that i normally would hide
  4. you said okay
  5. saturday dec 14 2013
Pressing Information

34 Clear w/ White Ink
71 Blue/Grey Tint w/ White Ink