Oreo Jones & Sirius Blvck - Unconcerned NMR053


Oreo Jones and Sirius Blvck has finally released their long awaited, collaborative debut album “unconcerned.”. Consisting of 8 new tracks, recorded over a 5 year period, these songs are a fierce and bold effort from the Indianapolis veteran emcees. Covering many soundscapes through the project, they paint you a picture of the ups and downs of life as a Black artist in Indiana. The album acts as a time capsule as you travel to where they were 5 years ago in their lives when they started writing this project. As it continues you hear the intensity and growth developed as they move throughout the record. For these two artists it’s always been about the music, & thats what shines through on this project. Phenomenal song writing among a bright landscape of sound. Unconcerned. No bells, No whistles. Just Oreo Jones, Sirius Blvck and the city of Indianapolis. And that’s more than enough.

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  1. Way Up
  2. Screen Time
  3. We Live In A Society...
  4. the belancholy (feat. DMA)
  5. Biodome
  6. '91 Subaru (feat. Double A & Baby Ebony)
  7. unconcerned.
  8. The Multiverse
Pressing Information

26 Clear w/ Baby Blue Ink (Japanese Obi Edition)
33 White w/ Dark Green Ink