Ransom - Director's Cut Scene 4 NMR112


This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship September 2023.

Ransom & Nicholas Craven's 4th installment of their "Director's Cut" series available exclusively at Near Mint.

Packaging Details:
-24pt Reverse Board Jackets
-Numbered Stickers
-Black Inner Sleeves
-Wrap-Around Japanese Obi Strips
-Resealable Polybags
-Test Presses w/ Alternate Artwork

Pressing Information

100 Blue / Tan / Brown Striped Tri-Color (Japanese Obi)
100 Black (Japanese Obi)
200 Purple Marble
200 Clear w/ Blue, Bone & Brown Splatter
200 Copper Marble
200 Black
23 Test Presses w/ Alternate Artwork